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Guruji Gyomyo is a Japanese Buddhist monk who lives in India for much of the year. He is also a rock musician with insane guitar skillz! Guruji writes and composes his own music, sharing the Dharma of Buddha through his songs.


Guruji was born on September 9th, 1954 in Tokyo, Japan. His original interest was in both music and literature. He studied piano for a few years, starting when he was five. When he was fifteen, he began playing guitar. During his high school years, he also began composing music and performed on several stages. However, when he decided to go abroad to India in 1976, he quit music entirely, becoming more interested in spiritual matters and finally became a Buddhist monk. He was invited to come to Ladakh, India by the Buddhist Ladakhi people in 1979, and was requested to build the Ladakh Shanti Stupa. He also heads a temple in New Delhi. It was not until joining the tsunami disaster relief effort in South India in 2004 that he resurrected music after nearly a thirty year hiatus. A Christian priest, assisting him as a private secretary at that time, was singing songs for the victims. Witnessing the strong emotional power his music evoked, Guruji realized that music, like Buddhist Mantras, has the ability to leave a powerful and lasting impression. Thus, he decided to resurrect his musical skills from his youth and began composing songs in both Japanese and English.


His first CD, Dharma Songs, is one of the first Buddhist monk approaches to the composition of contemporary music. It was created in collaboration with Laura Levin and Tadashi Namba.